x.ai is a technology company with a mission to democratize the personal assistant. Meet Amy and Andrew Ingram, autonomous AI assistants who schedule meetings for you. 


The objective was to increase signups, simple as that. After an initial analysis it was clear that there were three important aspects: reducing the amount of steps it takes to complete the action, simplfying the overall experience (copy and layout), and clarifying confusing areas.




In its current state, there were several visual considerations that needed to be addressed to help simplify this experience. Below is a list of visual details along with the final screens and results. 

  • Form length and layout. Pulling the preference options and credict card forms into a simplified 2 column layout, allowing all information needed at one quick glance. 
  • Visual ques for tool tips to clarify confusion around supported calendars. 
  • Mobile. Previously this has not been considered at all. The experience needed to be optimized across all devices. 
  • Consistent styles and navigation across all pages - typography, color, and layout alignment. The flow should feel cohesive and easy to the user, ultimately building trust and confidence with the product and brand. 


X.ai_B new.png